Why we love what we do

How did Maw and Paw start??? Well one day in 2012 Maw had bought one of those thar Redneck Wine glasses and saw how expensive it was to git one of them. She was going to buy one for each of the kin folk but would have broke the bank. 

Well Paw told Maw that he could make one cheaper and better than those one she bought. So Paw started making them thar wine glasses and Maw started helping and that is how Maw and Paw's Fine Crystal come about.. 

Soon it grew into different size glasses and jars and now Paw has started  making bottle lamps and different items for ya'll. ​

It is Maw and Paw's objective to offer a quality product at a reasonable cost to y'all. So please feel free to browse and if ya see something ya like feel free to place an order and Paw will be happy to git it sent right out to ya'all.